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You have found the job you want, the career that will change your life. You have sent in the perfect resume and now received the phone call for the in-person interview. Are you ready?

There is a secret about the job search, it’s called preparation. There is a lot of competition you will face, very talented people, but if you are prepared more than the next person you will be the one that’s is told the words…YOU’RE HIRED. The in-person interview is the toughest and most nerve racking, yet most important part of the interview process. And it calls for in-depth and strict preparation. Are you ready? Do you know what to say? What not to say? What questions to ask?

Cape Fear Jobs wants to help you. Whether it is individually or in a Group Course, we will walk you through the steps on how to prepare and what to prepare for. We will go over questions that you may be asked and questions you should be asking. Then, we’ll have a mock interview and review that with how well you did and areas that you can improve on. This is a service that you cannot turn away.

Service Includes

One (1) 30 minute intake and preparation of your interview

One (1) 15 minute one-on-one intensive in person mock interview session, with 15 minute review, critique and conversation session.

A comprehensive list of questions asked by interviewers for you to prepare

A comprehensive list of do's and don’ts

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