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Cover letters have been the singular subject that has been debated for years, to have one or not to have one. Cape Fear Jobs feels that it should be a personal preference, not a requirement, and it really does matter what kind of job you are applying for. For instance, people with industry specific experience may not need a cover letter where a job seeker changing careers or coming off a layoff, it may help to have one clarifying your career goals.

No matter the reason for your need, we will help you write a targeted cover letter for one (1) job utilizing key words and matching the job requirements to your accomplishments, qualifications and passions. If you have a cover letter that you want polished up or reviewed, we can do that too. Your cover letter can be an expanded elevator pitch or a more detailed description of your experience, background and career goals.


Pricing Options

Complete Design of your Cover Letter with Consultation – $85.00

Revision and Enhancement of current Cover Letter – $65.00

For each additional KeyWord Cover Letter – $50.00

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