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Cape Fear Jobs offers a variety of services to companies of all types and sizes. Hiring can be tough, lengthy and at times, a frustrating and painstaking process. Whether it is HR or a Hiring Manager lets us ask you the following questions.

Are you asking the right questions in the interview process?

Are you asking the wrong questions in the interview process?

Is your job description attracting the people you want?

Are you running through your hiring budget with no results?

Can HR or Hiring Managers effectively sell the position?



Should you care about these questions?

You absolutely should because they all affect the end result. We offer services that can help you in finding that perfect candidate, the perfect fit not only for your position, but for your organization.

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Pricing is on a case by case basis and packages can be designed around your hiring volume and your hiring budget.


We Offer

Employment & Hiring Consulting

Job Description Writing

Interview Training 

Resume Screening

Recruiting Assistance


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