In today’s highly competitive job market, every job seeker must stay ahead of the game, and it all starts with preparation. You MUST be prepared in every possible way each step of the way. Whether creating the perfect resume and cover letter, how you search for a job or preparing for that big interview, you must be ready. Cape Fear Jobs offers a full line of services for you to have the edge against the competition for your dream job.

Make sure you stand out in all the right ways.

Job Training

Need help developing that competitive edge? We offer a variety of different trainings for both individuals and groups including how to make your resume the best it can be and how to turn that interview into a job offer!

Cover Letters

Your cover letter is your first impression on the hiring manager.  in today's competitive job market, people are applying to jobs in record numbers. Make sure your application stands out and makes it to the next step.

Resume Tips

Your resume tells your story. When applying for a job, the last thing you want is for a simple mistake to cost you an interview. Make sure your resume includes only things that make you shine.

Interview Tips

Do you know what to do and what not to do at your interview? Hiring managers are often under time constraints when evaluating candidates and chances are, you aren't their only interview that day.


Every business needs the upper hand when it comes to attracting the top candidates. From the most basic entry level position to the highest executive, talent is crucial to your success. Let us assist you get the candidates you need! 


Do you know a group, or are you perhaps part of a group, that would benefit from some personalized coaching? We come to you and make sure that each group member leaves with the skills they need to land the job they want.


Only have an hour? You still have time to make a positive impact on your future employment prospects! We offer coaching for both the job search process and your job or career in general.

Social Media

No longer is Social Media just a way to keep up with friends. Tools such as LinkedIn are needed to successfully pursue potential career options. Be sure that you are using it correctly and effectively!


Active & Discharged Military

Military Immediate Family

Unemployed Individuals A-Part of a Layoff (proof required)

College Graduates (3 months graduate)

Individuals Re-Entering the Workforce

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Please note pricing listed in this section does not include any consultation fees via phone and/or email that normally occur. Consulting fees are based on $65 per hour. Call or Email for a tailored quote.

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