Employer Agreement

I, as a local authorized business of the Cape Fear Region, do hereby acknowledge the following rules as a business partner and business that wishes to hire and employ job seekers of the Cape Fear Region as well as those wishing to relocate to the Region.

I, as an employer, do hereby promise to all applicants:

Any position that I post is for active and immediate employment

Every opportunity will be made to fill the opening in a timely basis

Every job seeker and applicant will be treated with equal respect

Applicants will be notified in any case of their eligibility for employment

The following job listings will not be posted:

Jobs that require a job seeker to make a financial investment or pay a fee prior to starting employment

Jobs that provide job seekers with a financial incentive for recruiting other job seekers

Jobs where the business is located in an employer’s private residence

Jobs where the listed position is located outside of the Cape Fear Region (New Hanover, Brunswick, Columbus, Onslow and Pender Counties)

Jobs that are in any category or deemed that of multi-level marketing


I hereby as a representative acknowledge the above and agree to the terms as a local employer of Cape Fear Jobs.