Sustainable Jobs & Job Training in a Consistently Struggling Jobs Market

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May 3, 2017 By: Corey J. Lewis, Founder & President   This area has been hearing for some time how great the job market is, how unemployment is at an all-time low of 4.5% nationally and locally the same percentage. The constant talk up of the medical and tech industries along with start-ups that all… Read more »

ProActive Recruiting vs. ReActive Hiring

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From the Desk of our Founder: ProActive Recruiting vs. ReActive Hiring Why it’s better for you, the Employer to look for future employees before you need them. April 24, 2017 The idea to write this came to me last week as I spoke with a client on the phone that had an immediate need for… Read more »

The Elevator Pitch: Do you know what it is…Do you have one?

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Google “Elevator Pitch” and you’ll get nearly 500,000 options on what to click on. Here we try and simplify it for you.  The Elevator Pitch or Elevator Speech is one of the most important parts of your career search next to your resume. It’s definition has many forms but the general consensus is that the… Read more »

Craigslist is Killing Jobs…and the Local Economy

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A comparative look at the differences between Craigslist and Cape Fear Jobs By: Corey Lewis, CEO, Founder Cape Fear Jobs March 16, 2017   Craigslist is a useful online tool. It has everything from A to Z. Used lawnmowers, apartment rentals, free junk, garage sale listings and much, much more including that one section on… Read more »

Using Facebook for Your Job Search

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By: The Cape Fear Jobs Team March 15, 2017 You’re on Facebook at least once a day, if not more. How many of you go there looking for jobs? And how many of you are members of the Groups that have been created for jobs? There’s more than you can count, but there’s also a… Read more »

Employers: Does your Job Description Suck?

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Employers: Not getting the response from your job posting that you want?   The issue very well may be your job description, or lack thereof one. Let us ask you this question…what is your reaction when you get a sloppy application or poorly written resume for your job opening? It’s a winning bet that it’s… Read more »

Your Voicemail Greeting Is Hindering Your Job Search

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By: Corey Lewis, Founder & President of Cape Fear Jobs March 7, 2017   This may be one of our most important Blog Posts that no one talks about; it may seem like an unusual topic but it’s one that does not get hardly enough attention. Your voicemail greeting. More specifically how you have your… Read more »

Interview Tips: What Questions will they Ask?

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By: The Cape Fear Jobs Team March 6th, 2017   In this installment of Interview Tips, we dive into the most popular question that we receive: What questions will they ask me? Interviews can be stressful enough let alone the wonder of what questions you will be faced with. While there are no “standard” interview… Read more »

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