About Us


The concept of Cape Fear Jobs was created in 2014 and brought to life in March of 2016. The mission is to bring the businesses and job seekers of the Cape Fear area together simplifying the hiring process for all. There are services for Local Businesses that can help them hire better, hire smarter and cut their process in half. There are services for the Job Seekers to enhance their job and/or career search. Extensive one on one or group interview training; comprehensive resume and cover-letter consultation, writing and repair; job search, job skills and life skills training to put themselves ahead of other job seekers in a very competitive employment market. 

Cape Fear Jobs promises that the open jobs posted on our site meet the following requirements: 

They are 100% local to the Cape Fear area, meaning they are located HERE. 

They are NOT multi-level marketing jobs. 

They are REAL and existing open jobs.

About Cape Fear Jobs

Cape Fear Jobs was designed and built for the community, it’s for you. It’s for every single business, every single citizen and those wishing to relocate to the Cape Fear area. This is the one place where you can receive everything related to the local job market. For the services we provide here is a network of local professionals ready to help you the business owner and you the job seeker.

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Cape Fear Jobs offers a Blog where local professionals will offer their opinions on a variety of topics for both businesses and job seekers. In addition we have an Events tab where local businesses can post their job fairs, networking events, hiring announcements, etc.  

Cape Fear Jobs was designed to be a full service local solution. Everyone local is welcome, no job seeker or employer in any field is excluded. The great businesses and citizens of the Cape Fear area finally have ONE SOURCE for everything jobs related.  

About The Founder

The founder of Cape Fear Jobs, Corey Lewis is a native of North Central Ohio relocating to Wilmington in February of 2002. After having a successful career in corporate recruiting, he developed a growing passion for helping businesses hire smarter and job seekers prepare better. Bridging the gap between employers and job seekers has always been his mission and knowing that he helps connect the dots is priceless.  

As a volunteer jobs and career search instructor in Wilmington since 2014 he teaches local job seekers the value of being prepared in their job search; in-person interview training and the importance of following up in their job search. Helping people in their job search is the most important thing to Corey. He comments, “There is so much that job seekers do not know and do not realize that affects their search, I want to help them.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact Corey at corey@capefearjobs.com.  

Thank You. 

“Corey is a warm and generous man who contributes to our community. I attended a free seminar that he gave at the public library on resume writing. The best lesson I learned was that some employers look through big stacks of resumes very quickly. Corey knows what will get a resume a second look and possibly the next step in the hiring process.” – Eydie, Wilmington